What is Ketosis?


The keto diet is often called the keto diet after John Barban first used the term in 1990. Although the keto diet has many variants and variations, the underlying principles remain the same.

That is, most people who follow the keto diet are looking to lose weight, increase their lean muscle mass, improve their glucose tolerance, reduce their risk of diseases such as cancer and heart failure, and improve their overall quality of life. In short, what is keto? Do you need to always shop at a keto store in Canada to get your food?

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what the key is and how it works. Ketone bodies (Keto bodies) are the fuel cells that your body uses to run most of its functions. Your brain, heart, muscles, digestive system, liver, and immune system use ketones for energy. Ketones are produced by your body and they are excreted through urine, exhaled, or sweat.

Ketones are not created equally. They are generally available to you in sufficient quantities during your sleep at night. But for some reason ketones are not produced when you eat carbs. In order to meet your daily energy requirements, the body will kick your keto production into gear to produce extra fat. That is why on the keto diet you will notice that you lose more fat around your middle than in your tummy.

Ketones Explained

Unlike fats that are made by the body, carbs can’t be turned into ketones, so when you eat carbs, ketones are made in the liver. Ketones are also used to break down proteins, and most of the time you can see them breaking down in the corner of your plate. When you have a good portion of vegetables in each meal, you are eating enough ketones for all of the day.

And the nice thing is you can eat a lot more vegetables than you usually would because the fats will already be broken down into ketones by the time you get to the salad part of your plate.

A Great Start to a Healthy Lifestyle Change

So the simple answer to the question “what is keto” is a great start to a healthy lifestyle change! It is certainly more than enough to shed some of the extra pounds you are carrying around. You can even eat as much as you like while you are on the diet to keep the weight off. Shopping at a specific Keto Store in Canada would be a great option.

Also, remember that you will need to take your prescription medication while you are on the diet to lower your blood glucose and ketones. If you do not take your medicine it can be dangerous to your health, so it is best to consult with your doctor before starting the lifestyle change.

While the diet might sound great in theory, it is important that you make sure to stay away from the “Ketogenic Diet Pills” like Singulair and strips, because they contain traces of carbs and sugar, which can cause severe health problems if too much is consumed.

They also might not work for everyone, so it is important to find other ways to lose weight without harming your body in the process. One of the best alternatives is to use a high-quality carb online plan such as the carb cycling program. It has worked great for many people and does not involve the harmful ingredients found in other low-carb diet plans.

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