Seven Ways To Maximize Weight Loss On Keto Diet


The ketogenic diet is rapidly growing in popularity and requires sticking to a low-carbohydrate, adequate-protein, high-fat eating plan. A ketogenic way of eating can provide various benefits, including mental focus, constant energy levels, and weight control. And the last advantage is a major attraction for many people.

After you have made it through the first week and entered a state of ketosis, fat will steadily decrease in your body. However, as you get closer to your dream weight and your overall body mass diminishes, weight loss will slow down. You eat clean, but the needle on the scale does not move. It’s easy to get frustrated when the weight loss stalls. Let’s shed light on the seven tips on how to improve weight loss on the keto diet.

Review Your Protein Intake

The keto diet allows you to include a significant amount of protein into your diet. However, excessive protein intake is one of the easiest ways to accidentally prevent yourself from getting into full ketosis and promoting weight loss. When you consume more protein than is needed, the body decides to convert the excess amino acids into glucose, and instead of ketones from fats, this sugar becomes the main source of energy for the body. In general, your daily protein intake in the form of calories should be about 20% but not more than 35% to speed up weight loss.

In case you find that you are not entering ketosis or losing weight on a keto diet, this may be one area to look out for, particularly if you do not see positive results after cutting your carb intake properly.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Depending on the individual lifestyle, the type of stress a person is exposed to can affect their ability to lose a few kilos. Severe stress disorder like depression can also cause a person to have cravings for certain types of food, commonly known as comfort foods. However, these foods can increase your calorie intake and disturb your weight loss.

Make sure to manage your stress and anxiety levels by including various relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or even music and aromatherapy.

Maintain Physical Activity

Since you need to burn fat during ketosis, it’s a good idea to do some exercise. Regular physical activity helps to improve the body’s efficiency in breaking down whole components into useful forms of energy fuel. The more workout you do, the more your body metabolizes to burn calories efficiently. This burning of calories, especially fatty ones, will lead to weight loss, which is the main goal of the diet.

If you are trying the keto diet for the first time, make sure to go with some long walks at moderate intensity. Walking for an hour each day brings a ton of other benefits, but it can help your body use fat reserves faster. For those people that are more fat-adapted or maintain an active lifestyle, consider increasing the intensity of the exercise.

Try to do light exercise wherever you can during the day: walk rather than drive a car, walk at lunch, and take stairs – your body will thank you for that!

Add MCT Oil To Your Diet

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a unique type of fatty acid, which are easily digested and metabolized and usually found in coconut and palm oil. They are also available in a pure form and can be added to your daily meals and beverages to enhance your fat intake and improve optimal ketosis.

After taking MCT oils, they are converted rapidly in the liver into ketones, increasing blood ketosis, and providing consistent energy levels. Keep in mind that MCT oil is fat and therefore contributes to your daily calorie and macronutrient intake. Some individuals report stomach discomfort from MCT, so it’s better to start with a small amount and then gradually increase the dosage.

Drink Caffeine For More Energy

For an energy boost, try caffeine. Drinking coffee or caffeinated tea gives you much-needed energy that will help you move if you start to feel sluggish.

As long as the intake of caffeine motivates you to exercise, it can help you lose weight. An added benefit of caffeine is that it reduces your appetite by forcing you to eat less.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting works in a similar way to keto by increasing ketone production and stimulating fat burning, so it is a great addition to your weight loss regimen as well as overall health. With intermittent fasting, you need to eat all of your daily calories during a short period (usually six to eight hours) and fast within the remaining time (16-18 hours). Fasting depletes your body of glucose reserves, so you switch to burning fat for energy – aka ketosis.

However, incorporating fasting periods isn’t always suitable for beginners. In case you are new to fasting, do not dive into intermittent fasting at the same time you start keto. As soon as you are fully adapted to the keto diet, intermittent fasting can speed up your weight loss results. Most people should wait for 1-3 months after starting keto before trying to fast.

Consider Taking CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is not only an effective solution for relieving stress, chronic pain, and anxiety, but it also can help to promote weight loss. CBD is proven to interfere with the endocannabinoid system of the body, which is involved in crucial processes such as appetite, sleep, inflammation, memory, stress, metabolism, and many others.

By interacting with special receptors in your body, the intake of CBD oil might help to boost metabolism and reduce food consumption. Also, CBD can promote the browning of fat cells, which is the fat responsible for producing heat by burning calories.

In fact, CBD oil is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and other dietary nutrients needed for maintaining a well-balanced, complete, and healthy diet. To receive its benefits, you can simply take a few drops of CBD oil using a dropper or add the oil to your meals and beverages each day.

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